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Uptime Guarantee

We use redundant, SSD based servers which ensure fast loading times and have a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Secure Backups

Daily backups ensure that your site and data are always backed up. Need more frequent backups? We can do that!

Safe & Secure

All of our All of our servers come pre-configured with an auto-renewing SSL certificate to protect your site with support for wildcards’ and HTTP redirection.

Dedicated Support

Armed with a team of highly trained techs, you can be sure that no question or request will go unanswered.

“Unrivaled quality and security”

Michael Scott


Why Better Networking?

Safe & Secure

With services like Cloudflare for Family and Quad9, your devices at home can be protected from malicious or adult sites.

More Configurable

When you get rid of your ISP provided router, it opens up a world of possibilites. Need more Wi-Fi coverage? No problem, you can upgrade that. Upgrading your internet speed and need a faster router, you can upgrade that as well!

Better Stats & Control

We offer solutions with remote access capabilities. Mobile apps allow you to monitor and control you home network and devices from anywhere.

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